Best Toaster Australia: Ultimate Review & Buying guide 2020

Toasters. The word itself sounds delicious on all fronts. Toasts are a favorite of many all around the world.

Sometimes I sit and think to myself that if I made a random check at every household’s breakfast table, the chances are that toast is somewhere in there as part of the meal.

Also, kids take toasts for their snack or lunch. Same goes for working people.

The great news is that just like you can get the best washing machine and the best coffee machines, you can get the best toaster in Australia 2020.

There’s a wide range to pick from, totally dependent on what speaks to your needs. You may have been on a rampage for the best toaster after several episodes of disappointment.

In that case, you are in luck-come with me as we explore some of the top toasters in the Australian market today that are available for you.

Setting out to buy a toaster is hard. It becomes even harder when you have no experience with each brand that crosses your way. Several manufacturers put out new toasters now and then, further complicating matters.

In the table below, we help you demystify some things that set apart the best toasters we have picked in Australia.

6 Best Toasters in Australia 2020

  • Russell Hobbs 4 Slice Toaster
  • Breville Smart Toaster
  • KitchenAid Artisan 2 Slice Toaster
  • DeLonghi Icona, 4 Slice Toaster
  • Breville Bit More Toaster
  • Kambrook Wide Slot Toaster

In this section, let’s delve a little into the properties of 6 toasters, that we have carefully handpicked, have to offer.

 We shall briefly review their best features as well as their pros and cons. Hopefully, you will gain perspective of which toaster you need- or at least the idea will start to take shape.

Russell Hobbs 4 Slice Toaster Review

  • Soft touch accents and High lift facility
  • Extra wide toasting slots
  • Split carriages for 2 or 4 slice toasting

The Russell Hobbs 4 Slice Toaster comes sparkling in its stainless steel and polished 4-bread slots. While we’re still at it, we can’t ignore the extra-wide slots.

They afford you the opportunity to toast thicker foods like thick bread, tea cakes, and crumpets.  Its functions make your life easier.

If you are like me who likes their bread in the freezer at times for obvious reasons, then the Russell Hobbs 4 Slice Toaster has a function that you might want to hear about.

You don’t have to think about the hassle of thawing or waiting for your bread to defrost.

It comes with a frozen bread function. It also has a cancel function for those moments you change your mind, or you’re just not in the mood for waiting forever for your toast to pop up.

The removable crumb tray makes it easy for you to maintain the cleanliness of the toaster. There’s a time I got a toaster that had no removable crumb tray, and you can only imagine my agony every time I had to clean the toaster out.

A lot of turning and shaking the toaster while upside down was involved-comical, I Know.


  • The buttons and dials on the toaster are easy to manoeuvre around
  • The toaster is light in weight
  • Appropriate for thick variations of bread


  • It may not be suitable for some pieces of food that demand more wider and deeper slots for toasting
  • Your expectation of even browning of your toasts may be thwarted
  • In the absence of an extension cable, you have to use your toaster right next to the socket thanks to the shortness of its mains cable.

Breville Smart Toaster Review

On Sale
  • Unique 'Fruit Bread' setting
  • Innovative 'A Bit More' button
  • Crumpet/bagel setting

The Breville Smart Toaster has to be among the top toasters crafted to give your kitchen that sleek and modern look you so desire. With a neat aluminium finish, it is bound to sit majestically in your kitchen.

It’s auto lift function makes it even more efficient. I also think that it was given the “smart” part of its name by virtue of possessing this function.

The Auto lift works like this- when you press that toast button on your toaster, the bread will automatically go into the toaster, and when it is done toasting, it comes up all by itself. Stress-free. Elevator style.

Then we come to its two trademark features. The A Bit More function and the Lift and Look function.

The A Bit More function is instrumental in allowing further toasting in the event that you need your item to toast a little longer.

It eliminates the need for resetting the toasting dial. How efficient?

Then for the Lift and Look function, on the lowering of a lever, you can briefly catch a glance of the progress of your toast. It comes up then goes back into the slots all by itself.

A keen person will notice the toaster tends to get hotter than other toasters. At least by the touching the outer part of your toaster.

It may not necessarily be a danger to you and your household, but proceed with caution.

Also, the Breville Smart Toaster is more massive than most toasters. You might want to look into the weight you’re out to purchase before settling on it.


  • Toasts items satisfactorily and evenly
  • It is consistent. Most toasters may burn subsequent toasts because of overheating-but, not Breville Smart Toaster
  • Works well with frozen bread
  • If you want bagels with one soft side and another crunchy one, then this toaster can help you achieve that


  • May be pricey for someone out for a cheap toaster
  • Some functions like the Lift and Look may jam after some time

KitchenAid Artisan 2 Slice Toaster Review

On Sale
  • One touch motorised lift control lifts and lowers toast, even mid-cycle
  • 7 shade settings allow you to customise the browning of your toast
  • 3.8cm wide slots accommodate thickly sliced bread, crumpets, bagels and English muffins

KitchenAid Artisan 2 Slice Toaster is available in about five different colours in the Australian market, white and black being among them.

It is two-slotted, therefore if you’re looking to toast bread for just a few people or maybe for yourself only- jackpot!

It has an automatic lifting and returning function that helps you to monitor your toast’s function.

Also, it has a heavy-gauge heating apparatus that gives you that consistent browning and crisping that we want for our toasts.

The dial shade control, usually with seven settings, helps you achieve lighter or darker toasts-all dependent on your liking.

Other convenient buttons include the reheat, defrost, crumpet, cancel, and keep warm.

The keep-warm is instrumental, especially when you have a million other things to do before you get down to devouring your toast.

Also, there’s a digital display with lights that enables you to countdown to the readiness of your toast. Guessing games and times are over.


  • It has an under base cord that declutters what would have been an otherwise messy surface
  • Has an array of colours from which you could choose your toaster
  • The crumb tray is easy to remove and wash. It is even dish-washer friendly- goes on the top rack


  • You may need a considerable amount of counter-top space for placing it

DeLonghi Icona, 4 Slice Toaster Review

  • 4 Slice toaster with unique high-gloss red finish and chromed details
  • Progressive Browning Control to toast bread to perfection
  • Electronic controls: Reheat, Defrost, One-side bagel and Cancel, all functions with neon indicator

If on the first glance at this toaster and you tell me that you don’t get the 1950’s retro vibes, I think you’ll be lying. It literally screams 1950’s from its look.

Actually, you may have seen this toaster in one of those old movies. Stainless steel. 

To top the lookup, it has a glossy finish, coupled with chrome details.

As is with most toasters, this one also has the controls that make toasters efficient. The one-side bagel, reheat, defrost and cancel dials are on the toaster.

The neon indicator on these functions gives you an easier experience even under low light as it illuminates the functions.

A unique function that is on this toaster is the Extra Lift function. You know those dwarf loaves of bread that you won’t be able to take out of the toaster without getting a burn or two?

Now you can forget about that because the Extra Life function gives them an extra lift out of the toaster, letting you keep your fingers.

Stability is a thing with the DeLonghi Icona, 4 Slice Toaster. It has non-slip feet so you can rest assured that a kid tugging on the toaster will not have an accident in the kitchen –at least not with this appliance.

One removable crumbs tray wasn’t enough for the designers of this toaster. They gave it two. These make it easy to clean out the crumbs after toasting.


  • Cleaning is easy because of the two removable crumb trays
  • Its non-slip feature makes it safe during use and in storage
  • It is aesthetically pleasing if that is what you are out for


  • The sticker on the chrome can prove challenging to remove ruining the aesthetics of the toaster
  • On some higher heat settings, the toaster may burn toasts

Breville Bit More Toaster Review

  • Defrost setting
  • Extra long & wide slots
  • Fruit Bread

This is a two-slot toaster. The two slots are by no means your average slots.

They accommodate thick bagels, thick slices of bread, huge pastries, and artisanal food. It has LED lights that keep you in the loop about the progress of your toasting item.

That aside, the Breville Bit More Toaster also has other smart functions like the Lift and Look, Frozen, and Bagel.

Then, of course, we have the Bit More function –which give the toaster part of its name. It allows you to add more time to the toasting cycle automatically.

On the browning front, it is possible to control it. The toaster comes with a variable browning control function.

The crumb tray is designed to make cleaning almost effortless. Pull it out and empty it into the trash can.

Also, the toaster alerts you when the toasting is over. The setting can be tuned to high, low, or mute.


  • The design is excellent for a modern kitchen
  • The sound signifying the end of toasting is just fine
  • Easy and straightforward to use
  • Allows you to add extra toasting time when you want to brown or crisp your item further


  • After some time, you may experience browning problems thanks to the heating elements
  • Doesn’t lift bread as high so you may need extra help from tongs

Kambrook Wide Slot Toaster Review

  • Self-centring, extra wide and deep toasting slots
  • Carriage control lever with extra lift
  • 6 stage browning control

As its name suggests, it is a toaster built with a wide slot –wider than its traditional counterparts.

This means more roam when we talk of capacity. In terms of design, it is made of sturdy white or black plastic, making it durable and easy to clean.

It also helps it in blending in with the rest of the kitchen appliances and theme.

The functions on the Kambrook Wide Slot Toaster make it more efficient. It has a 6 stage browning function, giving you control over the extent to which you want your item to toast.

Alongside the browning control, we have defrost and reheat controls. The extra lift function works to give a boost to that need a bit more pushing to surface after toasting.


  • Cleaning is made easy thanks to the removable crumb tray
  • Extra Lift works to keep your fingers safe by lifting the toast high off the hot elements
  • It is cheaper than most toasters


  • Winds up toasting bread unevenly with passing time

Features to look out for in a toaster?

Now that we have reviewed some of the top toasters on the market, it is prudent that we take a look at some features you need to consider when looking to purchase a toaster. What makes for the best toaster? Read on to find out.

Toaster Features

Two-slice toaster

The two-slice toaster has been around for quite some time now. It is created to accommodate two slices of bread.

Some toasters have the generous two-slice capacity to the extent that you can fit four slices at the same time.​

Presumably, a two-slice toaster should be appropriate for you if you live alone or you don’t need to toast lots of bread for the family. 

Four-slice toaster

The four-slice toaster is a variant of the two-slice. I tend to think that its manufacture was inspired by the capacity or lack thereof of its two-slice counterpart.

The designer was probably frustrated by the long wait when toasting bread for their eight children every morning.

The four-slice toaster holds more food per toasting cycle. Its capacity allows for toasting four slices at a go.

Sandwich toaster

Toasters with sandwich toaster usually have a non-porous bottom. This serves to prevent the condiments and ingredients of your sandwich from seeping to the bottom of your toaster.

This feature is such a steal because, with it, you can pass on getting a toastie for your sandwiches.

Number of Slots

There are four-slot and two-slot toasters in the market. Depending on your needs based on the number of toasts you make on average and the amount of time you have in your hands, you can go with a toaster with either number of slots.

It is also interesting to note that some slots are longer than others. In fact, you can get a long two-slot toaster that fits four slices of bread at a go.

Variable-width slots

If you’re diverse with the kinds of bread you play around with, you might need to consider getting a toaster that has width-slots that accommodate varied bread widths other than that of the conventional white bread’s.

Removable tray / crumb tray

In the modern-day, most toasters come with a removable crumb tray. During toasting, the bread crumbs that fall off the bread go to this tray.

When you’re done with your toasting, you simply remove the tray and shake the crumbs off into a trash can.

Now, imagine the absence of this crumb tray. Having to vigorously shake the toaster while upside down would be the order of the day. Also, you would have a dirty toaster.

Reheat function

Reheating using the best microwave has one perk that we cannot downplay. The toaster reheats without causing further toasting, crisping or browning of the item.

It simply reheats with the promise of your item retaining its initial crunchiness!

Also, overusing a microwave to reheat, the toaster still wins. Microwaves have a way of reheating food to a soggy or soft state.

Defrost function

Several people freeze their bread, including me. So this defrost function comes in quite handy in my household.

The toaster defrosts then toasts the bread, significantly reducing the amount of time I’d have wasted waiting for the bread to defrost first before toasting.

However, it is important to note that not all toasters come with the defrost function. When making your purchase, be sure to counter-check if it does.

Countdown Timer

Many times when using household appliances say washing machines or coffee machines, we feel the need to know how much time we have left for the work to be done. 

Same goes for toasters. When toasting, I like to work on other things, so when I turn to check if my toast is ready, the countdown timer comes in very handy. Toasters with this feature tend to be more expensive.

Bagel setting

My last born loves their toast toasted on one side only. Toasting both sides for them will result in an ‘I ‘m-not-eating’ tantrum.

This makes the bagel setting an asset to me. It allows for toasting only on one side, leaving the other side soft. Something to note with the Bagel setting, you need to place your item correctly.

The open side should face downwards. However, not to worry because most toasters tend to show you how to place the bagel in the toaster correctly.

Australia toaster 2019

How to buy the top toaster for your home

Following this toaster review so far, we now have the brands and the features to look out for when getting yourself a toaster. A glance at how exactly to buy the best toaster for your home needs and you will almost be ready for that buying expedition.

Should I buy a 2 slice or a 4 slice toaster?

For most families, the 2 slice toaster has been their go-to. In most cases, it is the cheapest option. However, the introduction of the 4 slice toaster brings it some competition.

For instance, the 4 slice is faster in toasting bread. It also allows for more slices at a go. In fact, some 4 slice slots are longer than usual; you can still put in more slices, giving you more results in a shorter period.

I recommend the 4 slice, even if you’re toasting a few installments. It is faster than the 2 slice anyway.

Also, it is much easier to clean the 4 slice because it is roomier compared to the 2 slice. Of course, the 2 slice toaster is bound to be cheaper than the 4 slice toaster.

Is there a toaster that toasts evenly?

A common issue with toasters is that most give you the promise of evenly toasting when on the ground, things are very different.

Yes, some toasters get you bread that is toasted pretty decently — browned and crispy.

Conclusion - Choosing The Best & Affordable Toaster

Finally, we have come to the end of our toaster review. Before I take my leave, I have to give you the best toaster in Australia 2020, among the ones we have seen so far.

And the winner is –wait for it –the Kambrook Wide Slot Toaster.

Honestly, it is the cheapest toaster for me. Also, I am totally in love with its extra lift function, especially because sometimes I need one of my children to remove the toast as I put the coffee on.

I don’t have to worry about their fingers getting burnt. Also, it has consistently given me evenly browned toasts which is what we want, yes? The other functions, like defrost, reheat, and cancel, are equally such an asset.

Lastly, because of the wide slot, my bread fits in well without any issue. I’m a happy toaster with Kambrook Wide Slot Toaster.​

Its outer white plastic, sometimes black is easy to clean and maintain.

The good thing is that while in line with the warranty terms and conditions of the provider, you can always return the toaster if it acts up.

I hope with the information I have rounded up for you, you will be in a position to make a decision from an informed point of view, on the toaster you will get yourself.

Also, you can check toaster reviews for the particular brand you want to buy just for extra caution. Be sure to share with others looking to or planning to buy toasters.  


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